29th October was the Junior Class AGM, prize-giving and Young Guns event. A lack of wind resulted in the postponement of the racing and an earlier AGM.
Jenny took us through what’s been a successful year including: 
– the purchase of a number of new-to-us boats
– a total of 107 children who’ve attended Saturday Chipmates (weekly average of 29)
– a successful Junior handicap series with 72 participants 
– the new format for the Commodore’s Cup series which resulted in increased participation 
– six DIs and one AI have been trained up this year
– selection into the RTG for Aurelia, Dan, Izzy J. and Sam
– success in wider club class point series: Izzy C. in the Enterprise, Eleanor in the Laser and Mim as crew in the Heron points series. Mim won the Novices Cup as helm of a Heron.
Trophies, qualifier medals and Young Guns beanies had been organised by Claire and were presented whilst waiting for the wind to fill in. A number of the prizewinners were at their first RTG training weekend so are missing from today’s photos. Photos show:
1st girl Junior Handicap series – Mim
3rd girl Junior Handicap series – Sophia S.
1st Optimist points series – Adam 
1st Junior Topper points – Izzy C.
2nd Junior Topper points – Alex Y.
Even after all our stalling, the wind failed to materialise and Young Guns 2022 was postponed until 2023. Everyone was still keen to sail in the autumn sunshine so Izzy C. and Dom set up the tug of war we didn’t have time for last week. Thanks to their rhythmic paddling and strategic sailor-distribution, Team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious beat The Lakers and the aptly named, Sinkers in every round. Keen to make use of the boats they’d rigged, there was just enough wind to justify a game of pirate ball before lunch. The Lakers took the victory in this event: 103 balls vs the 62 captured by Team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and the 31 picked up by Sinkers. 
Today may not have been quite what we’d planned but it was a lot of fun! There’s no more Junior sailing now until 26th November when we’re hosting KSSA’s winter training.