chipmates SAturday Club

Saturday Morning Club for 7-18 Year olds

Chipmates Saturday Club is a fun way for children to learn how to sail and gain confidence on the water. 

At Chipstead we operate three fleets:

Beginner Fleet, this fleet is for children new to sailing and consists of land drills to familiarise themselves with the boat prior to taking that first step in learning how to launch their boat and sail out to a buoy a short distance from the pontoon.  

Regatta Fleet, this fleet is for children that can confidently sail to and from the pontoon and want to practice sailing in a larger area of water to increase their sailing knowledge and ability.

Main Fleet, this fleet is for children that can confidently sail a triangular course and are proficient in tacking and gybing.

Parental presence is required on club premises at all times while your children are attending Saturday Club. The Club has an ethos of everyone lending a hand and parents are required to help out with the weekly duties.  New and non-sailing parents are shown the ropes through practical and friendly guidance during the sessions. More adventurous parents are encouraged to attend power and safety boat courses through the Club’s training centre.

Saturday morning sessions are run by our junior coaches and include a wide range of activities and games to improve technique, develop skills and (most of all) have fun.

Session Times

 – Our start time is 9:00 with registration and rigging.

 – A briefing is held at 9:30 for parents and sailors – Subject to the weather conditions junior helms are divided into groups, usually: Beginners, Regatta (Intermediates), and Main (Advanced). 

 – We head out onto the water at 10:00.

 – There is a break for snacks at 11:00 and back on the water for 11:15. The session ends at 12:15.


How to Join in

We normally suggest that you come down to at least one taster session with temporary membership, just to make sure you enjoy the event.


Weekly online registration is required for all prior to attending.  We use the Eventbrite online booking platform. Search “Chipstead Chipmates Events”


Boat hire can also be booked at the same time.


You may attend 3 Saturday Clubs as a temporary member, after which you need to become a club member. To become a club member please come and have a chat.


Temporary Membership Fee – £10

Per session per child from the same family.


Boat Hire – £10

Boats are booked online at the same time as requesting an attendance ticket.


Junior and Youth Memberships

There are three ways Juniors and Youths can be members:

 – If you yourself are a “Full member” you, your partner and all your children can sail.

 – If you join as a Junior Family member, only your children can sail. This covers all your children.

 – Young adults (over 18 and under 25).


For more information, please visit Chipstead SC Membership.