Weather Forecast for Chipstead Lake
WindGuru forecast for Chipstead lake
Weather Conditions Flag Scheme

Chipmates Saturday Club operates a scheme of green, amber and red flags reflecting conditions such as wind-strength with guidelines for the varied sailing abilities attending. The following are the guidelines for the conditions and the approach taken. Where possible an indication of the flag will be sent out in advance by e-mail however, the conditions may only be clear on the day.

The wind speeds shown in the Windguru forecast are in relation to the Beaufort Wind Scale  



Green Flag – Prevailing Wind 1-3 Gusting 1-4
Suitable For All Levels 

OK for most sailors but toward the top end of the scale some restrictions may apply to beginners and younger sailors.



Amber Flag – Prevailing wind 4-5 gusting 5-6  

Suitable For Competent Helms ONLY 

RYA2 standard, experienced offshore able to competently tack, gybe, capsize/right + appropriate clothing for conditions.



Red Flag – Prevailing wind 6+ gusting 7
Suitable For Advanced Helms ONLY 
Advanced standard and experienced racing only with appropriate clothing and equipment.